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Virginia Beach


In French, the word Commune translates to the smallest territorial division. In English, it means people coming together. This is what we are all about. Sourcing the vast majority of our ingredients solely from our territory, and bringing people together through that food.

Our bustling cafe in Virginia Beach's Creative District serves local, seasonal and sustainable fare in an open setting with community-style seating.

Commune, a farm to table restaurant, is founded on the philosophy that the best tasting food just also happens to be the freshest and healthiest food both for the eater and our environment. To that measure, we have made our daily menu flexible and based on what local producers can provide throughout the seasons.

We know how to do a farm to table restaurant efficiently through our founder's experience as a local sustainable farmer who worked directly with chefs and restaurant owners for years before deciding to open Commune. Sourcing ingredients locally from farmers we know ultimately leads to a better-tasting meal and at the same time mitigates the environmental damage done by the commercial food system.

Our finished product speaks for itself; when food is grown with respect, picked at its peak, served close to its source, and prepared with care, the finished plate is a culinary experience that nourishes and satisfies on many levels.